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Relaxation and meditation methods

The state of relaxation is achieved on the basis of psychoneurophysiological processes, with particular emphasis on inhibition and collateral learning, including modulation of relaxation reactions to verbal stimuli. Participants achieve and learn relaxation through active training entirely on a conscious and voluntary level.

Stress, fatigue and lack of energy, overwhelming sadness, fear, anger, guilt and other negative emotions – these are problems that affect everyone in the world today, regardless of gender, age or what we do every day. They can’t be completely eliminated – they seem to be part of our lives and all good things. But when you are stressed, you can learn to deal with it – so that it does not become scary and untamed, but an inspiration for self-development and enrichment for yourself and your world.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with stress is to relax. Most of our activities are performed lying down, which allows for greater contact with the body and deeper relaxation. We use visualizations, elements of music therapy, Jacobson’s muscle relaxation training, Schultz self-training, breathing exercises, and movement exercises.

Benefits for participants:

  • Knowing how to relax;
  • Deep body and mind relaxation;
  • Detached from everyday life, problems, monotony;
  • Nice break and free time;
  • Experience inspiring moments in a friendly, safe atmosphere;
  • Regular practice of relaxation methods can improve the quality of your personal and professional life.


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