PRZYSTAŃ DROZDY Agritourism farm

Weekend under sail in Masuria, Siemianówka and sailing trainings

Do you like new challenges, love nature and fancy a weekend relaxation in good company – we invite you to our weekend cruise – adults in groups, in pairs and singles. As part of weekend trips, we provide indwydual sailing lessons and, upon request, additional yoga lessons during breaks from sailing.


PRZYSTAŃ DROZDY Agritourism farm

Weekend trips to Mazury or Siemianowka

A weekend under full sail in the land of the Great Masurian Lakes on  Venus cabin yacht, Mors RT. We also have racing yachts at our disposal on which we can also train participants.

Most of the participants have never been on a yacht before, it is often their first contact with sailing. Those who are willing take an active part in yacht life, while the rest of us can lie belly up, relax and sunbathe on the deck of the yacht.

We guarantee good company, a good time and an unforgettable experience. A weekend under sail is a good choice for a short, experiential vacation. We encourage especially those from the vicinity of Bialystok as well as the possibility of collection near Gizycko in the province. warmińsko-mazurskie. This is an excellent opportunity to combine your vacation with an active form of recreation.

Sailing trips usually take place in groups of no more than 2-3 people so as to spend as much time as possible explaining sailing issues to you. Weekends are counted from pt 15:00 to nd 15:00(package 6)

Are you interested in an offer for a sailing trip?

Feel free to contact us! Write to us regarding the date of the trip, the number of participants and your preferred sailing training.

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We cooperate with the Podlaskie District Sailing Association and the Yacht Club of Poland Białystok.

As part of the trip, there is an opportunity to take part in a regatta organized close to the departure port.

Individual weekend sailing training courses

Weekend individual sailing training in groups of 2-3 on the Great Masurian Lakes with an additional option of yoga classes.

We prepare you to obtain a yacht sailor’s patent, after which you will be able to drive all sailing yachts on inland waters and sailing yachts with a hull length of up to 12 meters on inland marine waters and other marine waters in a zone up to 2 Mm from the shore, during daylight hours.

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