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Canoeing on the Narew, Sokołda, Ploska and Biebrza rivers

Canoeing trips are a great idea to spend your free time surrounded by nature. The rivers around Białystok are rich in wildlife and many meanders, with sandy beaches perfect for a break during the rafting trip.

We offer you a comprehensive proposal for canoeing on the routes of the Narew, Biebrza and Supraśl rivers. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge and experience so that we can plan a great adventure together.

We provide transport to any designated place along with a parking lot for your vehicle. We offer 2-person ROTEKO kayaks with an additional seat for a child, life jackets in various sizes including children’s, as well as other necessary and optional equipment useful during rafting.

We rent equipment for one-day and multi-day trips. All kayaks are made of polyethylene. The kayak is equipped with a life vest and oars.

We invite you to take advantage of the offer of one-day rafting on the Narew River, which begins on the beach in Doktorce. Most of the kayaking routes are easy sections, ideal for beginners or recreational travelers. The rafting route runs through a wide river valley, meandering in the upper course of the river or multi-channel within the borders of the Narew National Park.

Recommendable canoe rental!

We are very pleased. We had fun in nature. I recommend this place. At the beginning, we chose the shortest route, the crossing took us about two hours and it was great and it was enough for us.

/ Wioleta K.


Canoeing routes

Depending on the time you want to devote to the rafting, we can offer sections presented below.

START: 52°55’12.6 „N 23°29’32.0 „E
END: 52°53’25.0 „N 23°20’00.2 „E


START: 52°53’25.0 „N 23°20’00.3 „E
END: 53 ° 12’26.7 „N 23 ° 20’47.3” E


START: 52 ° 54’32.4 „N 23 ° 04’43.0” E
END: 52 ° 55’06.9 „N 23 ° 00’29.1” E


The river flows quite lazily, among reeds, the road is diversified by numerous meanders. The shores are generally overgrown, but various small birds rattle intensely in the more

START: 52 ° 54’32.4 „N 23 ° 04’43.0” E
END: 52 ° 56’54.5 „N 22 ° 57’19.2” E


The river flows quite lazily, among reeds, the road is diversified by numerous meanders. The shores are generally overgrown, but various small birds rattle intensely in the more

TAKE OFF: 52 ° 56’54.5 „N 22 ° 57’19.2” E
END: 52 ° 59’54.9 „N 22 ° 54’47.4” E


TAKE OFF: 52 ° 56’54.5 „N 22 ° 57’19.2” E
END: 53 ° 03’05.4 „N 22 ° 56’19.0” E


TAKE OFF: 52 ° 56’54.5 „N 22 ° 57’19.2” E
END: 53°04’36.9 „N 22°54’04.1 „E


TAKE OFF: 52 ° 56’54.5 „N 22 ° 57’19.2” E
END: 53°04’36.9 „N 22°54’04.1 „E


START: 53°04’36.9 „N 22°54’04.1 „E
END: 53°04’35.7 „N 22°49’09.2 „E


START: 53°04’35.7 „N 22°49’09.2 „E
END: 53°09’14.9 „N 22°56’29.1 „E


The so-called „Narwiański Labyrinth” covers the picturesque valley of the Narew River, known as the „Polish Amazon”. The kayaking trip starts in Suraż and ends in Rzędziany. It is approx. 45 km. Sailing along the Narew we see the following towns: Suraż, Uhowo, Bokiny, Topilec, Izbiszcze, Waniewo, Kurowo, Rzędziany. more

START: 53 ° 19’58.4 „N 23 ° 22’35.0” E
END: 53 ° 12’26.7 „N 23 ° 20’47.3” E


The Sokołda trail is 28 km long. It starts near the Straż forester’s lodge and leads through Surażkowo to the Supraśl River. An attraction on the rafting route is a walk through the large arboretum (dendrological garden) in Kopna Góra.

START: 53 ° 06’19.8 „N 23 ° 26’39.6” E
END: 53 ° 12’26.7 „N 23 ° 20’47.3” E


You don’t have a fixed route? Rent a kayak for the day

The course of an exemplary kayaking trip

– 30min-1h before the scheduled departure time, the drivers leave the participants at the agreed starting point.
– Drivers take their cars to the base – Czaczki Małe 1A or another fixed parking lot close to the runoff.
– We transport participants and kayaks to the starting point and to the base / parking lot after the trip.

Tickets to the Narew Park

For rafting trips within the boundaries of the Narew National Park (starting in Suraz), participants are bound by Park entrance tickets.

Tickets to the park - BUY ONLINE
Rental regulations

We invite you to read the terms and conditions of renting kayaks for rafting.

We organize unforgettable kayaking trips!

Spend a great time with your family or friends on the kayaks! Active recreation on picturesque canoeing routes is a great form of recreation for everyone.

Examples of rafting prices

– Doktorce – Suraż = approx. 110 PLN *
– Doktorce – Habits = ok. 100 zloty*
– Habits – Raw material = approx. 100 zloty*
– Suraż – Uhowo = approx. 110 PLN *
– Suraż – Bokiny = approx. PLN 130 *
– Suraż – Kolonia Topilec = approx. 135 PLN *
– Suraż – Waniewo = approx. PLN 145 *
– Guard – Supraśl = approx. 160 PLN *
– Zajma – Supraśl = approx. 160 PLN *

* The above prices are approximate – the final cost depends on individual requirements and transport costs.

Determining the price of a kayaking trip is usually quite complex and requires many details to be worked out on the organization of each kayaking trip.

Details necessary for the valuation of the canoeing trip:
– establishing the canoe trail on which the canoeing trip is to take place;
– establishing the rafting route;
– determining the number of stages of the trip;
– specification of the number and type of accommodation (tent, camping houses, rooms, etc.);
– selection of appropriate floating equipment and accessories;
– determination of necessary and required transport;
– defining additional conditions and wishes of customers etc .;

Rental regulations

  1. The canoe rental „Przystań Drozdy” does not organize canoeing trips, but provides rafting equipment, which is organized by the participants on their own and at their own risk.
  2. The organizer of the canoeing trip is the person reporting the need to reserve the equipment.
  3. The kayaking trip organizer is responsible for the rented equipment.
  4. In the event of destruction, loss or theft of equipment, the Organizer is obliged to return its equivalent in the amount of 100% of the market price at the time of notification, regardless of the degree of its depreciation. The cost of repair is covered for a perforation of the kayak’s shell, depending on the extent of the damage.
  5. Before the start of the kayak trip, the organizer is obliged to check the condition of the rented equipment in terms of technical and quantity, and to collect life jackets equal to the number of people getting into the kayak.
  6. Fees for renting kayaks and transport are collected in accordance with the price list available on the website:
  7. In the case of participation of minors in organized canoeing trips, the kayaking trip organizer is obliged to obtain consent for the participation of the underage person from the legal guardian, and bears full responsibility for it.
  8. During the kayaking trip, behave in accordance with the good manners of water sportsmen and the safety of kayaking participants, in particular , do not :
    a) make noise and litter the water body and quays,
    b) sit on the side, bow, stern and also in a kayak not in the water,
    c) stand and squat in the kayak, jump from the kayak into the water,
    d) swim without a safety vest on,
    e) bathe in life jackets (life jackets) or sit on them,
    f) consume alcoholic beverages
  9. The canoe rental „Przystań Drozdy” is not responsible: for the participants’ behavior during the kayaking trip, and in particular for any damage that they could make to other people or companies due to accidents, loss of health or death of the participants of the kayaking trip.
  10. The canoe rental „Przystań Drozdy” provides :
    • transport of equipment to a selected launching site and collection of equipment after the trip,
    • transport max. up to 8 people using the kayaking trip,
    • safe and free parking for cars during the trip,
    • any help and possible instruction for beginner canoeists,
  11. After the kayaking trip, it is possible to stay at the campsite for a fee (possible showering, also payable).
  12.  Reservation of equipment in any form is tantamount to acceptance of the above conditions.

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