By bike through Podlasie along the GREEN VELO routes

Bicycle Rental

Our offer also includes a bicycle rental. The Podlasie region is rich in beautiful landscapes, picturesque fields, meadows, forests and many monuments such as old sacred architecture, roadside saints, wooden chapels, manors and many others, which can be visited using prepared bicycle routes.

We rent equipment for one-day routes along the bicycle routes along the Narew River. The bicycle rental shop offers new tourist bikes for women, men and teenagers.

Our bikes are prepared for any route – the easier and the more difficult, those on the road and those in the field. An important aspect is also the fact that we have bikes for both adults and adolescents, so a family bike trip to the bosom of nature is possible.

10 PLN / godz.
Bicycle security

Paper guide

Refundable deposit PLN 150 *

50 PLN / dzień
Bicycle security

Paper guide

Refundable deposit PLN 150 *


* in the case of guests from an agritourism farm, we do not charge additional deposits when renting.


Start your cycling adventure in Podlasie!

A comprehensive offer of bicycle tourism for the whole family!

The Drozdy marina is a perfect starting point for bicycle trips, where numerous tourist routes cross the Narew National Park, Turośń Kościelna and Suraż communes. Here you can rent fully equipped trekking bikes, taste freshly ground coffee, eat regional snacks, and most of all – take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The surroundings of our farm are the perfect place to rest for the whole family.

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1. These regulations include the rules of use, conditions, rights and responsibilities of persons using the bike rental. With the acceptance of these regulations, it becomes an Agreement between the Lessee and the Agritourism „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Małe 1A. The bikes are the property of the Agritourism „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Małe 1A.
2. Bicycles are equipped with: front and rear position lights, bell, fenders and are specially marked.
3. In order to rent a bike, the following conditions must be met:
and. in the case of a minor – at least 13 years of age, a bicycle license is required.
b. a person under the age of 16 may rent a bike only with the consent of an adult authorized to care for the minor, who takes full responsibility for the rented bike and the person using it.
c. the person who rents the bike cannot be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, psychotropic substances or substitutes within the meaning of the regulations on counteracting drug addiction; other drugs that, by definition, prohibit, or recommend that you refrain from, driving
4. The Borrower undertakes to:
and. use the bicycle and its equipment as intended,
b. return the bike to the place of rental, i.e. Agritourism „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Małe 1A with equipment, technically efficient, undamaged, within the time specified in the declared return time.
c. observe the prohibition on lending a bike to third parties.
d. immediately report any problems related to the use of the bike to the owner of Agritourism and return the bike to Agritourism in the event of discovering any defect of the bike while riding the bike.
e. refrain from carrying out any repairs, modifications or replacements of parts in the rented bike on one’s own.
f. covering the costs of repairing the damaged bike or its equipment, resulting from the fault of the borrower.
g. covering the costs of purchasing a new bike in the event of complete destruction of the rented bike.
5. In the event of loss of the rented bike or its equipment, as a result of circumstances for which the borrower is responsible, including theft or loss, the borrower is obliged to return the equivalent of costs corresponding to the value of the bike and its equipment (based on the prices in force on the market on the day the fact is found) .
6. The Lessee agrees to cover all damages and penalties related to the use of the bike resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of law in force in Poland, including those resulting from the Road Traffic Code.
7. The Lessee bears full responsibility for accidents and any damages resulting from the use of the rented bike. The borrower, being a road participant, is obliged to follow the rules of moving on the roads and does so only at his own risk. The user waives any claims against Agritourism „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Mały 1A due to accidents, damages or injuries incurred during the use of the rented bikes.
8. The Lessee is solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties related to the use of the rented bikes.
9. If the bike is not returned by 8:00 p.m. on the day of return, the Lessee’s data will be provided to the police with information about the probability of committing a criminal offense.
by the Borrower.
10. If an employee of the Agritourism „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Małe 1A finds the customer unreliable, he may refuse to rent a bike without giving any reason.
11. The Lessee undertakes to comply with the terms of the Regulations, in particular to pay the amounts due under the regulations of the rental company to the Agritourist „Przystań Drozdy” in Czaczki Małe 1A and use the bike in accordance with the regulations.

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