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For many people, astrology is a mystery, a secret knowledge used only by experts. Thanks to it, we can learn about our future, the features of the signs of the zodiac, create and interpret a horoscope. Did you know, however, that the knowledge and application of astrology in everyday life gives us a completely different approach to the world?

We offer workshops and courses in astrology for beginners, intended for people who have no experience in astrology or people who know its basics, but have problems with performing an independent analysis. The author’s program by Leszek Weres used during the course is oriented towards the practical learning of interpretation. The price of the course includes not only classes, cookies and hot drinks, but also a program supporting the calculation of charts (weather, relationship, love or further life) and an individual chart for each participant. Classes are conducted in small groups of up to 10 people, which is conducive to learning. After completing the course, it is possible to continue learning at the next levels, incl. at astrological workshops, horoscope interpretation course and others.

Purpose of the course

Kurs jest rozpoczęciem przygody z astrologią, pozwala poznać podstawy niezbędne do tworzenia późniejszych interpretacji, a dzięki praktycznym ćwiczeniom uczy pracy w charakterze astrologa. Po ukończonych zajęciach kursanci będą potrafili dokonać samodzielnej analizy horoskopu przy użyciu specjalnych programów obliczeniowych. Dodatkowo dowiedzą się czym są dekanaty i dwadasamsy, poznają planety dominujące, kolejne sektory horoskopu, fazy zodiaku, relacje planet, stałe daty, progresje i wiele innych znaków astrologicznych.

Course duration: 28h


– potentials and their discovery,
– dwadasamsa (1/12 degree),
– the next phases of the zodiac,
– dominant planets,
– shipment, relocation,
– details of the work of the astrologer,
– archetypes and their types,
– symbols in astrology,
– astrological forecast,
– horoscope and interpersonal relationships.

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